The following flavours are available for cake fillings or Cupcakes.

Lemon drizzle with lemon curd and lemon butter cream (topped with lemon shavings for that extra tang on cupcakes)

Chocolate fudge with chocolate butter cream (topped with flake pieces on cupcakes)

Coffee and walnut with coffee butter cream (topped with walnut pieces on cupcakes)

Vanilla and vanilla butter cream

Sticky toffee cake with Caramel filling (topped with fudge pieces on cupcakes)

Strawberry and strawberry butter cream (topped with strawberry pieces on cupcakes)

Red velvet and cream cheese (topped with chocolate curls on cupcakes)

Carrot cake and cream cheese (topped with chopped nuts on cupcakes)

* All butter cream is made with real butter

Tropical flavours

Pineapple sponge with coconut buttercream* (topped with coconut on cupcakes)

Mango sponge with coconut buttercream* and lime filling (topped with coconut and lime shavings on cupcakes)

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